Did Solange Knowles just disrespect her sister Beyonce? (2024)

Thanks to Bossip for the heads up on this story – as hopefully many of you remember, Beyonce has a younger sister named Solange. Solange does a lot to try to get noticed, to try and pull focus away from her sister, who is probably one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Solange is a singer too! And she’s got style – sort of. She’s not House of Dereon, Solange is more “Grace Jones David Bowie Lady Gaga”. And she’s got a new album, and she’s gotta do some press. Thus, this new interview with Refinery 29 about her style influences, her music, and her family (complete piece here). The quote everyone will be talking about is this:

Refinery 29: You mentioned being inspired by Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” video. Janet was a famous younger sister who really carved out her own identity and sound. Do you ever feel you have to work harder to differentiate yourself from your older sis?

Solange: “If anything, I feel like if I didn’t have a sister who was a huge star, no one would think twice about how I look, because they would have no one to compare it to. I would just be another gal who wears loads of vintage or counts Grace Jones as inspiration. But because I’m Beyoncé’s sister, I’m an easy target to say, ‘There’s no way those two had the same parents, and have one be naturally this way…this has to be a ploy for her to appear cool!’ It makes me want to pull out pictures of five-year-old me next to nine-year-old her wearing a tutu over polka dot stockings and an old scarf over my head. It would be so much easier for me to put on a little black dress, straighten my hair, and sing about dancing in the club, but it’s not my job to prove anything. I’m here to make music, to inspire myself. I’m not selling my likeability, I’m sharing my journeys. If you don’t like it, believe it’s real, or understand it…then keep my name out of your mouth.”

[From Refinery 29]

Bossip thinks Solange might be disrespecting Bey with the bit about “It would be so much easier for me to put on a little black dress, straighten my hair, and sing about dancing in the club, but it’s not my job to prove anything.” I don’t know – sure, Solange could be talking about Bey, for sure. But she’s probably lumping her sister in with many other pop stars (Rihanna, for one). Here’s a little more from the interview:

Who are your style heroes?
“My mom in the ’70s and ’80s! She was a bad bitch. Sex and the City totally jacked her stee*z on the camels. I have a pic of her on a camel ride in Egypt in the ’80s serving the hell out of that desert! Also, Diana Ross, The Fela Kuti Queens, Björk, ’70s-era Chaka Khan, Chloë Sevigny, ’90s Erykah Badu.”

What inspired the bold new ‘do? You mentioned you can no longer hide with that hair, has it changed the way you see yourself?
“When I was recording, I was staying in a house with five guys and two showers. I knew there would be a shower wait everyday and with my natural cropped hair, it’s mandatory that I wash it otherwise it gets stuck to my head like glue! I wanted to get something that I could literally roll out of bed without looking nuts. I watched so many Chaka Khan YouTube videos and became sort of obsessed with her during the process. I went to my stylist and said ‘Give me the fro.’ I walk differently now, sing differently; This hair has spirit and soul.”

You’ve got such unique style, would you ever consider being involved in the family fashion business, House of Deréon?
“Why thank you very much! It’s funny you ask because I initially was involved as the spokesperson, but the clothes just didn’t reflect my personal style and I decided to hand that over. That’s the great thing about my family. We work together so closely that if something’s not working out, we can be honest about it and there won’t be any grudges or issues. I wrote a couple of songs on my sister’s last album and if there’s a line she doesn’t like, she changes it and we keep on moving. I will say though, they did just do a bedding line that I am extremely in love with and I was like, ‘Can I model that… in my house?'”

[From Refinery 29]

Ha! I told you she wasn’t into that House of Dereon bullsh-t. And Beyonce needs to get out of it too, because that junk is FUG. Like, trashy Vegas-wear, and even in expensive advertising, the clothing looks cheap. But I like how Solange is all “I decided to hand it over.” Like if their mom had the choice between putting Solange in the ads or Bey in the ads, mom would ever choose Solange. But sure, it was her “choice”!

Photos courtesy of Refinery 29.


Did Solange Knowles just disrespect her sister Beyonce? (2024)


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